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MATCHLESS ENGINEERS is lead by a core team consisting of three members.

1. Mr. C.M.Gohil : A qualified mechanical and production engineer. Mr. Gohil has about 30 years of experience in areas like new product development and production planning and control.

2. Mr. Mitesh Gohil: A qualified engineer in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has an experience of more than 17 years especially in the field of Product development, Process and Quality Control

3. Mr. Jayesh Patel : A qualified mechanical engineer, Mr. Patel has about 11 years of experience in the shop floor management functions.

And most important of all company has a team of 40 candidates, technical and commercial, who, under guidance of Mr. Thosar and Mr. Rao have, time and again assured quality work and timely deliveries and this has been instrumental in the progress of Matchless Engineers.

Years of experience have provided us with the right procedures for approaching customer requirements. We ensure that we work as a team together with our clients and all other contributing parties in achieving cost effective results.

We offer

  • One Stop Complete Solutions in Mechanical Engineering
  • Vast pool of Engineering Knowledge
  • Flexible manufacturing batch quantities
  • High level of quality accepted internationally.
  • Wide and reliable supplier base for related components
  • Complete Satisfaction – One word answer to all the queries.

Our philosophy of putting our customers first permeate through our work ethic.

  • We partner with our clients
  • We are cost-conscious
  • We maintain delivery schedules
  • We have versatile and flexible personnel
  • We cater to “Small batch” as well as “Mass production”
  • We grow along with our customers

It all adds up to a work piece that comes out looking and functioning the way it should.


A smile comes up on the face of our customer when the job delivered, looks and functions the way it should. And that’s exactly what we want.